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Angiola Tremonti, born on November, 1948, lives and works in Cantù (Como)

During 1966-67 attends the Applied Arts Academy in Milano becoming graphic designer, working with the Architecture Corporated Studios De Matteis-Vadagnini for two years, and attending the courses at the “Davide Campari” Superior Institute of Publicity and Marketing, obtaining a diploma. Then gets married and has a son.

In the first ’70 years works in Como with SAGSA , publisher of the local daily “L’ORDINE”, in the meantime gets the teachers’ diploma and registers the Faculty of Pharmacy. In 1972 wins a State competition and begins teaching at a public school.

During these years her aim is to teach, attempt and take care of children, with particular interest to the psychology.

Her strong passion in sports becomes a profession in tennis teaching, She takes part to the F.I.T. (Italian Tennis Federation)and coaches as trainer and instructor. For the C1 category wins the Italian Team Champion. In 1987 she breaks with competition and teaching-

Then follows Red Cross Courses , choosing an unforeseeable experience co-operating in poor countries ad Burkina Faso and India, reaching a deep existential worth in her life.

She spends well her time with AVO ( Hospital Voluntary Assistence) in the Erba-Beldosso Hospital, with particular care to the oldest and heavy injuryed, also for a psychologic support.

In 1988 she applies teaching at the female prison Bassone, where she deals in courses of animation, theatre, comments, Italian language for foreigners, professional workshops for hairdressers, photography ,arts and press.

Furthermore she engages with the rehabilitation of drug addictes.

During the same year she starts with her artistic career, attending the best known artist studios , doing her utmost in learning so that to “get back the lost time”.

Then she attends the free nude classes at Brera Academy and the fresco classes at Castellini School in Como, starting with her first exhibitions.

Learns engraving and printing techniques , attends artisans workshops in Cantù , produces stained glass windows, approaches carving and chisel techniques.

She founds her work on plastic plates ,inlaying with resin and plasters. Such a particular technique of “painted inlaying” makes her works an unique and immediately recognizable style.

In 1994 Angiola approaches sculpture using clay, wax and marble. Then appear her first works of bronze, gold and silver, followed by a jewellery artistic line.

A special line of “painted bags” , in a limited number of 2000 unit are made by Angiola for BRIC’S.

A yearly, strong friendship with Don Mazzi , lets her to take care at the same time of her artistic aims and a voluntary co-operation with drug addictes , as well as she fights for the human rights with UNICEF against children abuses and violence.

Up to 2010 has made 32 exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

She means as her main artistic event the Exhibition at Palazzo Terragni (masterpiece of Italian Rationalism) in Como , autumn 2002.

Sculpture becomes for Angiola her best art expression, creating the “Mabilla”, a woman bringing the miracle of maternity ,the life.

She goes to Abruzzo and starts a design and painting workshop for the earthquacked children, painting also a fresco for Aquila, which is placed under the city Christmas Tree as a testimonial of love and memory for the earthquacked victims.

In the Scala Theatre Square, Milano, is placed a work dedicated to the Berlin Wall Fall.

Several reviewers wrote on her, as: Gillo Dorfles, Rossana Boscaglia, monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi, Luciano Caramel, Francesca Bonazzoli, Elena Di Raddo, Raffaele De Grada.

Angiola’s website : www.angiolatremonti,com

In 2011 next, her first book will be available by Bompiani.

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